Leading Change

Leading Change

Digitalization has an immense impact on the future of our work life. How will jobs change for the next 12 years? Will they become more caring, creative, collaborative or co-robotive? No matter what the driving force of the change is, leaders have to rethink their role, actions and words, to build the foundation of psychological safety and make it a positive process. In this speech, Skip will talk guide you through the main steps in leading change and why burning ambition is more important than the burning platform. 


Skip Bowman on the future of work



Kristian Poulsen

If you want your company to be ready and shaped for the future, if you want to gain better results and strengthen your effectiveness through better communication and internal colloboration, then call Skip!

Martin Seest

Motivational, humoristic, empowering, developmental, inclusive and at times unconvential in an otherwise realtively conservative environment are just a few of Skips qualities. 

Emilie Fuglsang

Skip was both pleasant, funny and knowledgable - and inspiring to everyone who was at the meeting. Highly recommended to everyone who is searching for insights in cross-cultural work life.

Klaus Elk

With an excellent blend of domain knowledge, understanding of Danish culture and aussie charm, Skip makes the psychology in cultures relevant and understandable. 

Maria Nielssen

The presentations drove me to think, personally re-evaluate and consider how I was operating and what needed to change.

Lars Trap

Skip was running the organizational development for managers and potential managers. Skip was a very enthusiastic instructor and programme manager.


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