Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Skip Bowman is one of Europe’s leading speakers on mindset: the science of how we think and behave.

He is the creator of the Constructive Mindset tools and approaches, and a leading consultant on the science of personal, team and organizational growth. He has created successful tools that enable leaders to disrupt self-handicapping thinking and behavioral patterns to release their personal and relational potential. Ground-breaking results are possible, when leaders and organizations adopt the 4 constructive mindsets: Achievement, Growth, Recognition and Collaboration. But to do that, you need to become aware of and tame defensive mindsets of self-promotion and self-protection.

With a Constructive Mindset, leaders are able to build the teams and organizations that produce more value, serve their customers more effectively and create blockbuster innovations. It’s a scientifically proven approach that enables strong outcomes combined with strong relationships.

How do organizations move from doing good, to becoming a force of good? That is the transformational mindset – Purpose, Service and Community.


In a rapidly changing work environment, we need people who can not only adapt to change, but also leverage it. For this it is crucial to have a Growth Mindset. But what exactly is it and how does it...
Learning to lead and live with diversity is the focus of this speech. Skip will talk about, to what extent global and local leadership differ and what the challenges are, when the team is scattered...
To build a strong company culture, we need more than just a good strategy. In the process of transformation, leaders play an essential role. Skip Bowman discusses, what types of ineffective company...
Digitalization has an immense impact on the future of our work life. How will jobs change for the next 12 years? Will they become more caring, creative, collaborative or co-robotive? No matter what...
Working in team projects can be productive, inspiring and innovative. In reality though, projects are often running late, deliver badly and stress everyone involved – and that is mostly due to a...
Every country also has its own work culture. But what exactly are the differences between a Danish work culture and the rest of the world? And what does a foreigner joining a Danish team need to know...
Danish Leadership tailored for your needs: 


Skip is a highly engaging and inspiring speaker who makes his audience laugh and squirm, but mostly feel they have learnt something really important. Whether it’s 30, 90 minutes or all day, Skip makes the time fly with his energetic and visually powerful presentations. Interaction and provocation are keywords for his workshops and speeches, confronting and challenging everyone but always with a happy Aussy smile. He can present equally well in English and Danish.


Skip is a master at designing events and experiences that build excitement, teamwork, and involvement. From strategy workshops to teambuilding for an entire company, Skip knows how to create magical experiences whether he is presenting or working backstage to mastermind a unique event.

Master-class workshops

Helping others catalyse change in their organisations is a strong passion for Skip Bowman. He has created tools and conducts masterclasses for leaders, leadership development and organisational development practitioners. His experience and know-how is second to known when it comes to creating company-wide transformation and change


Kristian Poulsen

If you want your company to be ready and shaped for the future, if you want to gain better results and strengthen your effectiveness through better communication and internal colloboration, then call Skip!

Martin Seest

Motivational, humoristic, empowering, developmental, inclusive and at times unconvential in an otherwise realtively conservative environment are just a few of Skips qualities. 

Emilie Fuglsang

Skip was both pleasant, funny and knowledgable - and inspiring to everyone who was at the meeting. Highly recommended to everyone who is searching for insights in cross-cultural work life.

Klaus Elk

With an excellent blend of domain knowledge, understanding of Danish culture and aussie charm, Skip makes the psychology in cultures relevant and understandable. 

Maria Nielssen

The presentations drove me to think, personally re-evaluate and consider how I was operating and what needed to change.

Lars Trap

Skip was running the organizational development for managers and potential managers. Skip was a very enthusiastic instructor and programme manager.


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